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In other news, my Alpaca Silk Bow Scarf is coming along swimmingly. After delaying the start of this project for a day to buy straight needles, I am calling myself an idiot, since 1) I had size 5 circular needles [which I knew but never even considered] and 2) I discovered that I find straight needles stupid and useless. I used them for the baby hat I made last month, and I don’t remember feeling the same frustration, so maybe I just find them unappealing for this project. I’m just about to get to the chart on the scarf, which means that I will need to start paying attention, but so far the intarsia thing is really working out for me. We’ll see how I feel about it a few rows into the chart.

(A few hours later): Okay, figured out the chart, although I could probably do without the constant yarn changes this pattern requires. I had qualms about the bow before, because I’m really not a bow type of person, and then I saw this post at Reckless Glue, which has pretty much decided me on making some changes. So I will continue with the ribbing throughout, and will not make the scarf 9 feet long, which seems excessive on so many levels. I have no intention of tying this thing in a bow, but maybe I’ll do some more intarsia patterns and deviate from the chart.

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