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Monkey business

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I was having trouble forcing myself to finish A’s no-purl Monkey socks, and for a while there, I thought that I’d never finish them. Then I was working on them last week and realized that I was pretty frustrated with doing them 2-at-a-time. So I thought about switching to double-pointed needles, but I haven’t worked socks on those for so long that I really wasn’t looking forward to it. I didn’t want to do my socks on the same needle, but I did want to use circs, and I did want to work them simultaneously. I looked through my box-o’circs, and saw that I had another size 2 needle in there (I do not know why I have 2 47″ size 2 needles, but now’s not the time to complain)  so I took one sock off of the original needle and left the mate behind.

Now that I’ve changed to doing the magic loop on two circs, I got a ton finished last night. I really just think that the two-at-a-time method was killing my joy and slowing me down. I finished the final two repeats of the leg (after all those months, I’d only done 4; THAT’s shameful) on the socks, one after the other. Now that I’m doing the heel, I expect these socks to go much quicker.

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