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I’ve made another bag. I let the shape of the fat quarters I used dictate its shape, so it’s much less square than the other bags I’ve made. It’s perfect for carrying a couple of bottles of wine. I don’t have one those handy separators that you get at the wine store, but I figure that if I’m going to sew the wine bag, I can take an hour and knit a wine cozy.

As with every bag I’ve made, this one is also reversible. On the whole, my seams are getting a little straighter, although for some reason this gray thread liked to bunch up in a way that no other thread I’ve used has (a new problem! This must mean it’s not my fault…right??). I like it, and I think it’s perfect for wine!

I’d planned to open the lovely looking muscato photographed here (the larger of the two bottles), but of course, I didn’t have a corkscrew at home. The best laid plans folks…

One response to “Another bag, this time for wine. Yay, wine!”

  1. Becky

    Looks good! Found your blog through the Ravelry Half Medalion Crochet Along. I have my yarn, I have my hooks, I have not made my gauge swatch. I usually ignore that step. I don’t think I can/should this time. I like the bags you have made. And how you started sewing with Rizzo. I never thought of naming my sewing machine. May need to.


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