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Sewing resolutions for 2012

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I don’t make real life resolutions, but I think it’s not a bad idea to set goals for what I want my 2012 sewing experience to be. I’ve slacked off on sewing, but that’s been more a result of having been sick for a while than anything else.

Still, I stocked up on sewing supplies this past Monday, and now I’m looking forward to expanding my repertoire.

  • I’ve made bibs before (which I just now remembered that I never posted about…bad Nicole!), but those were from a kit. I bought a pattern book of children’s items the other day, and although I think I’ll start with the bib to get myself in practice, I’m really looking forward to trying some of the other types of patterns in the book.
  • Before Christmas and the stomach malaise that never ended, I was hoping to make really nice canvas tote bags for my friends. I still have all of those materials, too, so I plan to make those and gift them throughout the year. What’s that you say?? Birthday tote??
  • Finally, I’d like to make holders for my crochet hooks and circular knitting needles. I have a handmade crochet hook case, and while it’s lovely and seems well-made, the thing that strikes me is that I could probably, even at my current novice status, make something at least as good. That’s a good feeling, and I may end up making a lot of these for the etsy business that right now lives only in my head.

One can never have enough sewing (or knitting/crocheting!) supplies, so I’m really excited about the Resolved to Sew giveaway over at Very Berry Handmade (home of this awesome chevron blanket that I’ve pinned to my Craftastic board!). The giveaway contains loads of gorgeous things, but I have my eye on the Erin Morris fat quarter bundle. Beside the fact that I love to enter contests of any type, I’d excited by the mere possibility of winning such a lovely looking bunch of fabric!

In the meantime, I’ll try to get my lazy carcass in gear long enough to post the things that I’ve finished recently (including a crochet baby hat that has the MOST ADORABLE SKULL ON IT EVER).

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