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I am knitting a thing!

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wp-1460535132364.jpgThis baseball season, I’m making the Crackerjack scarf/cowl/neck thingy, which is a visual representation of one’s favorite ⚾ (or other athletic) team’s win/loss record. I had a few false starts with this pattern, largely because I live in a desert and hardly ever knit anymore. To say that I’m rusty would be an understatement. I couldn’t even remember how to do the crochet cast on without a visit to Ye Olde YouTube. And it was my favorite provisional cast on! Oh, the shame. Also, because I’m me, I incorporated the Camptown Races cowl (WHICH I PAID FOR) so that my work had some visual interest and would be that much more difficult.

Thankfully, the third time that I started this project has proven to be the charm. I’m hiding the color change after the last DD, so they’re basically invisible. Like a boss. And also like other people’s Ravelry notes suggested. Now I just need for the Mets to cooperate and win so that I can go back to using brighter colors. FYI, gray = away loss, orange = away win, blue = home win, white = home loss. As you can see, my cowl is currently turning out to be as white as a Trump rally, with the last four games having gone poorly for the Metsies. Dear Mets, please help me make my knitting great again by winning some games.

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