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I’m feeling a little smarter now. As I said I would, I put aside my OpArt blanket for a couple of days. I figured that approaching it with fresh eyes would be helpful, and that was definitely the case. For some reason, I was getting really perplexed about knitting on two circular needles, but now it is definitely making more sense to me. I think I just had to let it rattle around in my head for a bit. I frogged my OpArt for the second time, but this time it was because I had so much fun proving that I understood the methodology that I made way too many rounds with the four initial stitches. Before I frogged, I acquired a neat new skill: purling in the front and back of a stitch! I’ve done the opposite with my Jaywalker socks, and I’m glad that I’ve mastered it both ways.

Update: Here are a few images that kind of show how the two needles look and the directions in which the ends are facing.


This is where the blanket is starting to get big, but you can see the ends of the needles pointing in different directions.

This is where the blanket is starting to get big, but you can see the ends of the needles pointing in different directions.

img_1255Later, with a lot more stitches, the directions of the needle ends are perhaps easier to see.

I get the OpArt pattern. So so well. And every time I frog it, the first set of stitches looks that much better. I think that maybe next time I’ll try a figure 8 cast on, see where it gets me. But the point is, I am not paying enough attention to what I’m doing. I’m wandering and watching all manner of ABC shows, and I miss this increase, or forget that second row of the stripe. Bad bad Nicole.

I’m gonna hit the hay now, and try all this tomorrow when I’m hopefully less distracted.


I took a break from knitting and got back to reading. I now miss my socks, but at least I feel like I’ve really been exercising a different portion of my brain. Last night I tried to start the OpArt blanket by Melissa Dominguez, and ended up feeling like a moron, because I was having trouble understanding the whole two circular needle method, especially because the pattern is rated “mellow” by Knitty. So I’ll try again today or tomorrow, once I’ve gotten adequate sleep. I’m just sad because I even did a gauge swatch and am so ready to start this baby. If I don’t get it the next time I try, I may just cheat and start it on double pointed needles, switching once it gets bigger. This will be my fourth baby blanket, and hopefully this one will actually be completed before the birth of the child it’s intended for!