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Aren’t they beauteous? I’m not sure they’re small enough for A, though…

Pattern: Cookie A.’s Monkey, without the purls

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi

No purl monkey socks

No purl monkey socks

Regular Monkey socks:

Purlful Monkey socks

Purlful Monkey socks

If you look closely, you can see the purl stitches (they look like bumps) at the sides of the v design that repeats over the socks. As you can tell,  really like this yarn, and I’m bummed that Purl Soho doesn’t sell it in their store anymore (although the woman did say that she thought they still carry it online). I bought some variegated orange and solid orange Koigu to console myself.


I’ve figured out which socks to make for my secret exchange person, and I bought this gorgeous yarn for it, but before I start, I want to knock out one other pair of socks using 1) the continental method and 2) the magic loop. I’m making nopurl monkeys. I’ve made the regular pattern before and found it a breeze, so if I have trouble with this easier version, I’ll know that it was my methods, not the pattern that defeated me. It took me a week to do two socks separately, so I think I should be able to finish the two in a similar time frame. The socks that I want to knit for the exchange are more complicated, but I feel like I should have a better idea of my skill level after finishing these socks (or not, as the case may be).



I finished Terea’s monkey socks! I’m so glad that they’re done, because it’s always so satisfying to finish a project, but they were fun and quick to knit, and I miss the project already! This is me modeling them, just because.

I was going to make a pair of monkeys for myself, but then I saw another pair of socks by Cookie A, Hedera, and I knew I had to make those! She’s such an amazing designer. I have this lovely sea green yarn by Brooklyn Handspun, and I think it’s perfect for this project. I opened my Magic Loop book and tried it out, and I really get this method! I’m sure, though, that I’ll find a way to eff up these socks using this method. To make things really interesting, I’m going to try them toe up.

Easy peasy!

I’m really concerned about how little trouble I am having with my revamped Monkey socks. I had started them in September, done a lot in a little time, and then got bored with all of the purling and stopped. Good thing.

It turned out that I had been knitting them backwards; I’d pushed the right side into my the space between my DPNs, and therefore was knitting the whole thing in reverse. Stupid, but it was still okay, at least until I went and did the heel inside out, too. Then I was all messed up. I frogged the whole thing, and started over again this Tuesday. Right now, I’m about to start decreasing, and I feel so much better about my skills as a knitter, and my ability to read and understand a pattern. Also, I got to practice my short row heels again and am really getting the hang of it now, which is awesome.

I can see why people keep making these socks again and again (the other day I met a woman who has made 5 pairs of Monkeys in a very short time). They’re cute, fun, and really easy, and I think I will make myself a pair soon, after I get through all of the obligatory knitting that I need to finish up.


Okay, I have no idea when I became such a perfectionist. Usually pretty good is just fine with me, but for some reason, I cannot stand to have blatant (to me) imperfections on this sock. The person I’m giving this to really wouldn’t care if I had to go back after knitting it and tighten up a few holes, but I care. I looked at my heel, and could see how nice it would have been if I hadn’t forgotten to slip the first stitch a couple of times, and had to frog it. Okay, third time’s the charm, right?


I’ve heard a lot about short row heels, but I didn’t really know what that meant until I looked it up yesterday (it seemed a little obvious, but when it comes to knitting, I don’t assume anything). I was interested in trying something new on my Monkey socks, and since I was still using dpns and knitting from the cuff down, I figured that I’d innovate with the heel. I used the marvelous Kaity‘s clear and helpful tutorial to learn how to give my sock a short row heel. Success (mostly, but the error was mine, not hers)! Then I wasn’t sure what I should do to accommodate the ankle, but both Kaity and Joy were helpful and told me that I didn’t need to add any more stitches. I’m going to go get started on the bottom of the sock now!

My sock looks so bulky, not at all like the pretty pictures I see on Ravelry, and I cannot wait to block them once they’re finished. Can you believe I actually want to block anything, much less this enthusiastically?? I think I’ve only blocked two items in my life (I should change this).


My first attempt at my Monkeys was a little off. This is my first go round knitting lace, and I’m learning by the round, but I definitely effed things up. The cuff, which is always the easiest part of any sock, was not messed up, so I frogged back to that point and then tried not the make the same mistakes again. Here’s what I had before the frogging:

As you can see, one of the holes on the fourth needle was not so much decorative as it was massive.

Luckily, this time I’m doing better. For one, I don’t have any craters in my sock. For another, I’m being consistent with my yarn overs (I was doing it wrong the first time, which is embarrassing, since I made an entire blanket that was full of yarn overs [unless those were wrong, too, but then at least they were all wrong in the same way]). Here’s the new and improved version:


Looking at these pictures reminds me that I need to learn how to use the macro mode on my new camera…