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In other news, my Alpaca Silk Bow Scarf is coming along swimmingly. After delaying the start of this project for a day to buy straight needles, I am calling myself an idiot, since 1) I had size 5 circular needles [which I knew but never even considered] and 2) I discovered that I find straight needles stupid and useless. I used them for the baby hat I made last month, and I don’t remember feeling the same frustration, so maybe I just find them unappealing for this project. I’m just about to get to the chart on the scarf, which means that I will need to start paying attention, but so far the intarsia thing is really working out for me. We’ll see how I feel about it a few rows into the chart.

(A few hours later): Okay, figured out the chart, although I could probably do without the constant yarn changes this pattern requires. I had qualms about the bow before, because I’m really not a bow type of person, and then I saw this post at Reckless Glue, which has pretty much decided me on making some changes. So I will continue with the ribbing throughout, and will not make the scarf 9 feet long, which seems excessive on so many levels. I have no intention of tying this thing in a bow, but maybe I’ll do some more intarsia patterns and deviate from the chart.

I’d intended to get a decent amount of knitting done tonight,  and I think I succeeded. Of course, I probably would have accomplished more if I hadn’t received Walking Dead in the mail yesterday and decided to read the first 80 or so pages of that. Still, I’m pretty pleased with what I did do. For the next little bit (I hope), I’m going to be making the Alpaca Silk Bow Scarf from Boutique Knits (out of wool). I decided not to let the intarsia part of my new scarf scare me, so I Googled intarsia techniques until I felt like I understood what I was supposed to do (if not exactly how to do it), and plunged in. I’m going back to Continental knitting and doing the Norwegian Purl, so there’s all sorts of learning and adapting going on here. I had to frog twice; once because I still can’t count, and another time because my knitting was too loose. Luckily, I hadn’t done more than three rows either time, so it was no big loss. Seems like the third time is the charm, and I’m going to quit while I’m ahead here and get some rest!

Pattern: Alpaca Silk Bow Scarf

Source: Boutique Knits

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Greenline DK in Grapevine and Lilac

Photo 14