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Pattern: Chucko Hat by Courtney Buckalew-Kramer 

So I’ve been in a bit of a daze since the election. I’m still kind of shell-shocked at who this country elected, so knitting has been my refuge. I finished a sock that I had started in August, done 85% of, and then put down. Of course, I still need to make the second one, but that’s a post for another day. I also finished a pair of glittens, also known as convertible mittens. Those might get their own post, too. 
But this post is dedicated to a Very Boring Hat. It is a fast knit, but so very plain. My dad has seen the somewhat unreasonable amount of knitting that I’ve done, yet still had the nerve, THE TEMERITY, to ask my mother where she used to buy the cheap knit hats they wore during winter. SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY?! (That’s exactly how I started my rant when I heard him. I may also have said, “Why don’t you just shove a knitting needle in my heart, it would be faster and less painful.” 😂😂😂) 

My dad explained that he didn’t even think to ask me (not helping your case here, dude) because he just wanted a simple black hat. The implication seemed to be that everything that I make is fancy, which, thanks, but isn’t entirely true. I make boring things all the time (mostly for other people, the stuff I make for me is always the coolest). 

Coincidentally, I bought some boring ass wool when I was at the Lion Brand Outlet a couple of weeks ago, thinking that it would come in handy if I ever wanted to make quick hats, perhaps to sell. One of the colors that I bought was black. I picked it up, put it down, and then picked it up again. Thank you, universe! 

Anyway, here is the world’s most boring hat, which I hope my father wears for years to come. I’m making him a second one, though, because I feel like he will probably lose this one before the end of winter. 

All in all, not bad for something I started after work on Tuesday

For the past few weeks, I’ve been watching Eureka as I knit. I tend to watch comedies (or really mindless dramas) when I’m knitting, because they require less attention on my part. I started a new hat today, and I’m feeling a wee bit victorious, since it’s stranded knitting, a style that I haven’t done before. I was finding it surprisingly easy, and really enjoying how fast this hat was going. I said was, because I ran out of Eureka episodes to watch, and switched to Damages. I spent the first half of the first episode watching intently and knitting on autopilot, and now have been unraveling my work for the next hour. Note to self: serious drama and Fair Isle knitting do not mix.

I read the season arcs/spoilers on the wiki, because I suspected that this show was too mean for me. I’m pretty sure it is. Ever character on that show is vile, and I don’t care enough about them to overlook it. I did see that the 5 most recent episodes of Eureka are available on Hulu, so I will catch up and then watch the remaining episodes there.

I watched this video the first time I made a hat with a pompom. I found these women hilarious and, even better, they taught me how to use my pompom maker, which was sadly lacking in instructions. I watched this video again tonight when I went to make a pompom for a new hat I finished. Perhaps because it wasn’t 2 am and I wasn’t coming off the high of finishing a hat that actually fit my head (as opposed to this monstrosity), I found the video a lot less entertaining this time around. Still, Hatapalooza 2010, or whatever I’m calling this thing, is going pretty well. I may actually finish all the hats I intend to make!

It’s a pity that not everybody agrees with me. Now vampire ridiculousness has infiltrated the world of knitting. I guess I should have known this was coming, what will all the Twilight groups on Ravelry. The sad thing is that I looked through the patterns, and a lot of them are really cute and have nothing to do with vampires! The taint of the Cullens is too strong for me to consider purchasing this, but I might borrow it from the library.


Vogue Knitting Magazine is having a sale on all of their patterns, which is kind of awesome. There are lots of pretty things that I’d love to knit if I had unlimited time and an endless yarn budget. Here are some patterns that I like:

Then there are things that I would have to be already dead to be seen in.



Originally uploaded by iunfold

I have not fallen off the face of the planet. I knit a bit in November when I traveled to South Carolina for a funeral, but mostly read in my spare time, hence the lack of posts here.

Pattern: River Rapids by Sockbug

I finished these babies in less than one week! Yeah, that’s right. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now. They’re super cute and the pattern was a breeze. I didn’t have to pay too much attention, and even decided to spice things up with a 4×4 ribbed heel (which came out SO nicely)!

The recipient seemed to really like them, so I hope she wasn’t just trying to spare my feelings. I love the way these came out, and am fairly sure that I will be making myself a pair!

Also, I am now a rockstar at kitchener stitch. I can do it in less than 10 minutes with no mistakes and without missing anything in Batman.


My Angeeeee! socks are all finished, and I love them. They’re super cute and they’re warm; what else could I ask for in a pair of socks? I got the next Rockin Sock Club pattern, Knetting (although on my sheet it says Knetted) on Saturday, just in time for it to be my new project. I’m getting started on that now. Yay for progress!