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R. I. F.

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I signed up for Interweave Press’s “Knitting Daily” email because, why not, right? I don’t usually read them the day that they arrive, but I have gmail automatically start them, so that I can find them when I want to. I was casually glancing at my inbox, not paying too much attention, when I saw the starred message with a subject of “Are You A Knitter Who Likes to Quit?”

I was like, Hallelujah! It’s good to know that I’m not alone. It’s not like my lack of consistent knitting progress keeps me up at night, but I sometimes wish that I wasn’t such a slacker. I know that it’s a question of willpower, but if I am going to focus on improving such an integral part of my personality, knitting is probably not the avenue I’m going to use to do so.  So, encouraged, I opened the email, and at first couldn’t figure out why a picture of a blanket occupied a large portion of the screen. Then I looked at the subject again. “Are You a Knitter Who Likes to Quilt?”

Of course I couldn’t get that lucky!

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