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I decided to try a new project tonight, so I thought I’d work on making two socks at once. I’m not trying to be too ambitious, but I thought I’d get a jump on the skill, since I just signed up for Sit n’ Knit’s sock swap. So I’m cranking along, right? I’m starting with toddler socks, as recommended by the book, because, hey, Satanski and Sidekick would love to have socks to dirty and tear. I’m making the same sock, but using two different yarns, just to make sure I don’t lose my plaee. I’m feeling no pain, knitting while watching Chuck, then Gossip Girl, and finally Fringe.

I paused a bit at the beginning of Fringe just to catch up, because I’d started watching this particular episode last week, and was trying to remember what had already happened. So then I get a little into it, but not too much, because Fringe is deeply stupid, but then I realize: I have completely forgotten how to knit. Like, I looked down at my knitting, and had no idea how I’d done that, or where I should go from there. So this is what I’ve been doing for the last 20 minutes. Thinking: Fringe is retarded, and so am I.


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