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Never let it be said that I am not talented. My specific talent would be to get completely turned around whilst doing things that should by this point be totally routine for me. I’m finishing up the two at a time socks, and simultaneously practicing my Continental-style knitting. I’m really proud of myself, because I’ve made great strides and now I’m faster this way than I was the other way. I still need to pay a lot of attention, but I am really getting this. So this pride may be the cause of today’s mistake, although I do not discount your garden variety knitting retardedness. While doing the heels of the second pair of socks, I somehow got all tangled up on sock A and then I was stuck on the needles, unable to get cleanly to either sock. Did I pick up stitches incorrectly? Did I just confuse myself? I was simultaneously knitting and helping a coworker cut the cord between herself and her 19 yo daughter, so I will condede that I was not paying as much attention to my socks as I could have been.

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