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At last?

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I think that I have finally found a sock to make. It fits my admittedly random requirements:

  • It’s not popular, meaning it’s not in hundreds or thousands of queues or project lists on Ravelry
  • It’s interesting looking
  • It seems scalable
  • People who’ve made it seemed to have really enjoyed the pattern

Once I  had to change my yarn for this project, I decided to look around at other patterns, and did indeed find one that I think I like more. So now I have a new pattern, and it took me all of seven minutes to wind my skeins into balls, so I know I have yarn of normal strength. I’m enjoying Julia Spencer-Fleming’s Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne series too much to knit a lot lately, but I’m on book five of six, so I should get back to knitting soon.

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