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Amazon wtf indeed

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Today there’s a post on the front page of MetaFilter entitled simply: Amazon wtf. It includes a link, showing items that have been tagged “wtf” by users. To me, that’s funny enough, but the things tagged therein are truly insane. The first was this  poorly-described (and probably equally poorly-written) pamphlet regarding the evils of Christians using birth control and killing their future priesthood (!!!!). The blurb is in ALL CAPS so that you can feel the combined wrath of the Lord and the holy vessel of this who wrote this. All for the bargain price of $135 for the pamphlet. As usual, come for the crazy, stay for the customer reviews.

I thought that the pamphlet would be the most awesome wtf thing I saw on the site, but then I stumbled upon a book that is far more relevant to me: Knitting with Dog Hair, by Kendall Crolius. Upon seeing it, I almost didn’t know what to say, but then I remembered that speechlessness isn’t really my thing and said “WTF??” The marriage of this product and this tag seems almost cosmically designed, it’s so perfect. Honestly, I can think of about six hundred things I’d rather clean and knit with than dog fur. Who would this even occur to? And to take it as far as writing a book? And publishing it? And then seeing it on Amazon and buying it? This seems like some sort of elaborate joke to me.

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