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Shame, shame

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Satanski, for all of his evilness, is actually pretty biddable when I try to get him to do something. This is true of them times when I enlist him in one of my schemes, and especially when the joke is going to be on his father, who is our favorite victim. One time Satanski wanted his dad to do something for him, and Eric was slow to do it, so I taught the kid how to shame his dad. It involves going up to the shamee, making sure that you have his or her attention, holding your index finger out in front of you, then bringing your whole hand up and down whilst repeating, “Shame.” I think it’s the thing that I’m proudest of teaching the kid (video below).

But I noticed the other day that I have not knit any of the socks from the Socks that Rock club this year. Considering how much I spent to join, it’s a little ridiculous, no? So I will do my best to catch up (unless I think the pattern socks are not interesting to look at or to knit, and then I will just repurpose the yarn). And I think that the next one should be coming out soon, so I will try to do that one along with everybody else. Otherwise my little man will have to shame me (which he would love to do, I’m sure).

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