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Oh mah gaw

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Where have I been? If you’re visiting this blog, then you will most likely be pleased to know I have been making stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. I’ve been really productive this year, and it’s kind of freaking me out.

I didn’t end up giving out most of the hats I made for Christmas (there’s always this year), but I sure did make a ton of them. I even improvised a couple of patterns, and I may revisit them later when I get the urge to make hats again.

Then I made a sweater and a hat for my Porkchop. The sweater was a little iffy, as many of my virgin efforts tend to be, but it’s still kind of badass.

I knitted my boyfriend an awesome, anatomically correct human heart for Valentine’s Day, and although I wanted to learn how to needle felt to put on realistic looking veins, he thanked me and told me that it was creepy enough already. We now use it to throw at one another when either of us is being ridiculous.

I finally learned to crochet for real, and am in the process of making two blankets; one is a pretty simple spiral baby blanket, and the other is a pretty simple afghan that’s made out of several gazillion squares. I’ve delayed the big payoff for simple gratification, and am currently working on the spiral blanket.

The following posts will highlight various things I’ve done in 2011.

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