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So now I crochet

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I finished my first crochet baby blanket. It is – and I say this without any undue pride – ridiculously cute. For years I’ve been all “Crochet, the horror!,” but, amazingly enough, once I actually decided that I wanted to learn how to do it, I realized that I pretty much already understood the basics. I think this is going to be for Baby Girl W, who had the temerity to be born a couple of weeks early, meaning that this gift is official late. Thanks, kid.

Anyway, behold:

In the early stages


Despite the fact that my stomach starts to hurt if I look at this for too long, I really like this blanket. So much so, that I decided to make another one. This kid isn’t due until November, but maybe I better pick up the pace, just in case…

One response to “So now I crochet”

  1. arlene

    Beautiful job! now you are officially a double-threat crafter!!

    now, it’s not only…which yarn shall I buy, but KNIT or CROCHET?

    …ahhhhhhhhhhhhh welcome to the madness.

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