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All the cowls

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I’ve made several things lately, none of which have appeared on this site. Why is that? Sheer laziness, obviously. Here are pictures:

I made my first cowl, which was for a Valentine’s Day exchange. It was so cute, and it matched a hat I’d already knit, so I kept it.

I attempted a second cowl, using the same pattern, more for giggles than anything else, since the color was not what my exchange partner wanted. I liked seeing how different the resulting cowl was, due to the bulkier yarn that I used.

The cowl I eventually did give her was something that I finished literally 10 minutes before I got to the exchange (due to the pesky buttons, which always give me trouble). I liked it, although I wished I’d had time to block it first. Since I started it at 11 pm the night before, that really wasn’t in the cards.

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