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Go home, Nicole, you’re drunk

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wpid-IMG_20140108_224516.jpgThis is the cardigan that I’m working on for my friends’ baby. I’ve had the yarn since the kiddo was born, but I somehow was mulling over what to make? Even though I’d had the idea before I even knew my friend was pregnant? No idea. I guess I was just lacking motivation. Seeing as how this is not the most timely of presents, I’m making it 18 months size, so that it should fit the kiddo for about a year.

I started it last night and picked it up again tonight after work. I was trying to figure out where to put the name on the back, and thinking that I would start it sooner than I did on the other name baby cardigan that I made. Then I started to freak out about how I would do this in the round, considering that the contrast yarn wouldn’t have to go in the front and I would obviously then end up with the longest floats ever. The horror. Then I remembered that I’m doing this back and forth, and the point was moot. I realized that I’d already spent 10 minutes mulling this over, and concluded that I must have been exhausted to miss the obvious for so long. At this point I decided it might be time to call it a night.

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