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Some lovely patron donated old knitting books to the library. We’re adding the best of the lot to the collection. I’m keeping the so-so books for my knitting group; these patterns require reworking since they’re almost uniformly huge, but aren’t dealbreakers. The final group is books of patterns so ugly and busy that I couldn’t in good conscience even sell the lot. First I’ll make sure they’re not somehow classics that go for a lot online (the library could use the moolah). Once I’ve done that, if they’re as unwanted by everybody else as they are by me, I will put them in the book sale, on the off chance that somebody wants to pay $.50 for these collections of almost uniformly unflattering knits.

It’s a pity that not everybody agrees with me. Now vampire ridiculousness has infiltrated the world of knitting. I guess I should have known this was coming, what will all the Twilight groups on Ravelry. The sad thing is that I looked through the patterns, and a lot of them are really cute and have nothing to do with vampires! The taint of the Cullens is too strong for me to consider purchasing this, but I might borrow it from the library.


Here’s a photo of the cover of Knitting With Dog Hair, the book that I mentioned yesterday. The best part is the subtitle, which I neglected to include before: “Better a sweater from a dog you know and love than from a sheep you’ll never meet.” Link again goes to the listing for the book.


Out of curiosity, I checked on Ravelry to see if anybody had made any of the patterns featured in this book, but the only person who has done so is…Kendall Crolius, the woman who wrote it. This is not a shocker.