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Nobody misses 90s knits

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Some lovely patron donated old knitting books to the library. We’re adding the best of the lot to the collection. I’m keeping the so-so books for my knitting group; these patterns require reworking since they’re almost uniformly huge, but aren’t dealbreakers. The final group is books of patterns so ugly and busy that I couldn’t in good conscience even sell the lot. First I’ll make sure they’re not somehow classics that go for a lot online (the library could use the moolah). Once I’ve done that, if they’re as unwanted by everybody else as they are by me, I will put them in the book sale, on the off chance that somebody wants to pay $.50 for these collections of almost uniformly unflattering knits.

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  1. Amy Di Fiore

    Nicole – I too have many knitting books that my mom collected during a lifetime of knitting. Rather than just ‘trashing’ them, I’d like to donate them to knitters who will appreciate their content. Although I live in VA, I am in East Bergen county until the middle of this coming week. Please let me know whether you or your Meet Up group are intersted and we can arrange a drop off. I’ve got about a computer printer paper box of material. V/r AD

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