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aim-less |ˈāmlis|adjective

without purpose or direction


aim-less-ly |ˈeɪml1sli| adverb
aim-less-ness |ˈeɪml1sn1s| noun

Thanks, Mac dictionary! For those of you (all one of you, in fact) who are breathlessly awaiting my next post, please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the above definition, and consider how it may apply to this web site.

I have been working on stuff lately, but coming down with the plague last week prevented me from updating this site. I’m almost finished with the OpArt blanket. It’s not worth photographing, because I now have 640 stitches crammed onto two needles, and the whole thing looks oddly smooshed. I was going to do three more stripes, but I somehow lost (I guess?) a ball of green, so after I finish the next 22 rounds of white, I’m going to bind off. This is convenient, since the baby shower is this coming Thursday, and I may actually finish it on time. Perhaps the yarn gremlins actually did me a favor.

In other news, a friend of the family, a person who I actually USED TO BABYSIT, just had her baby shower this past Saturday. I’m useless with dates, but this time I’m 90% sure I didn’t know when it was anyway, so I just reached into my stash and gave her a pair of booties that I had on hand. Oddly enough, they were a hit (I had to leave early), but my mother received several breathless phone calls from the momma-to-be later that evening about other things, and each time she couldn’t stop talking about the booties. And then her mom got in on the love the next day. I’m surprised but touched that they were such a hit. I had actually been feeling a little bad about not having anything else to give. I have several more skeins of that yarn, and since she liked the booties so much, I’ll make  a matching sweater. 

I didn’t take a picture of that pair of booties, but since I only use one booties pattern, here’s what they looked like (this is even the same yarn): 

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